Realizing the agricultural potential of inland valleys in sub-Saharan Africa : Phase 2 launched

The second phase of the EU-funded project called “Realizing the agricultural potential of inland valley lowlands in sub-Saharan Africa, while maintaining their environmental services”, or RAP in short, was launched at AfricaRice, Cotonou, Benin, 19 to 21 September 2012.

The second phase seeks to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of inland-valley lowlands through sustainable intensification and diversification of agricultural productivity and product value chain development, while conserving land and water resources.

It will focus on the following four objectives: (1) participatory development of competitive, gender-sensitive and socially-acceptable rice-based value chains through multi-stakeholder platforms; (2) Analysis of opportunities and risks related to agricultural production and environmental goods and services; (3) Development of innovative technologies that allow for sustainable intensification and diversification of productive resources linked to farm diversity; (4) Support to development projects promoting sustainable development of inland valley systems in Africa.

Speakers in the podcast :

Cara Raboanarielina, AfricaRice Social Scientist and RAP Project Coordinator - Phase II

Abdoulaye Hamadoun, IER Scientist and RAP National Coordinator, Mali

Sizi Subah, Deputy Minister Technical Services, Ministry of Agriculture, Liberia

Joël Huat, CIRAD Vegetable Agronomist and  RAP Project Coordinator - Phase I

Matthew Gboku, SLARI Deputy Director General and RAP National Coordinator, Sierra Leone

Patrice Adégbola, INRAB Scientist and RAP National Coordinator, Benin

Podcast credit : R.Raman, Savitri Mohapatra, AfricaRice

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